She Decided, So It Was

After aimlessly working mediocre jobs (and a handful of “promising” internships) it didn’t take me long to decide the typical career wasn’t for me. Office life seemed like a soul sucker. So even though I was working long hours, juggling two jobs, and on my feet all the time, I was having a lot fun.

Then one day I got a call from a big company. A great, Forbes-list company. It had reputation and I didn’t have to explain who they were when people asked. Everyone was suddenly excited about my future. I was officially “going places”. And even though I’d made up my mind against office life, I was drawn in by the opportunities with such a company. I had to halt everything to say yes.

This meant I spent close to two years never taking vacation, often turning down social events, and always making myself available for overtime. I kept thinking one day I would get to go to the places I dreamed about. One day I’d get around to checking out that new local coffee shop I’d heard about. One day I’d have enough money for all the things I wanted to do. So it became easy to put it off.

And just as it seemed like “one day” was finally around the corner my future was gone. The plans I’d tried so hard not to make for myself had cemented from dream life to real life – and then vanished. My best life was no longer achievable and my years of hard work amounted to nothing but dashed hopes.

That was when I decided I couldn’t wait for a career to give me my best life. I couldn’t wait on people, or money, or time. I would have to choose to start living it right then. In whatever way possible.

If I saw someone on Instagram sleeping under the stars in the wilderness I couldn’t just think about the maybe, I had to add it to the calendar. When I heard friends talking about an open mic night, I couldn’t keep wishing I’d been there, I had to invite them to the next one. If I wanted to be something or do something, I had to just do it.

I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot, and done a lot since that decision.

This blog is to keep track. Wanna join?

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