Finding the Trail

This was the trip that was going to make me an official “hiker” the way I saw it. I had gear, a purpose, and a buddy (Lola!) to take on the new adventure. I was [over]prepared.

My boots were secondhand but my bag was new because I was in this weird “I won’t commit till I love it”/”I’m going to love it duh” mindset. 

So why Davy Crockett National Forest? My thinking was I needed a mountain or a forest to hike but I live in Dallas. So forest it was. And this national forest was an easy day trip with easy trails – perfect for beginners.

We got an early start for our 3.5 hr drive to Kennard, TX because we wanted to be hiking at first light. It had been a rainy January so the roads were pretty much mud and the GPS dared us down a wrong-looking stretch. Technology failed us early and then we were off the grid.

Skimming the outer of the forest we found the official entrance and ranger station (empty). We were two newbies struggling to find the easiest trail in TX. We finally decided to park and and wander until we found it. Wandering is just a dreamier word for hiking, right?

We soon discovered that our intended trail had been closed a month before because of the marijuana crop that was found. (Eye roll.) So even with my full bag of gear and “necessities” I was already 0 for 2. But we would not turn back!

A smaller trail was soon found and we were soon actually hiking (an hour behind schedule). The trees were awesome, the trail fairly dry, and it was mostly flat. I kept thinking, “look at me I’m hiking.” 

The best thing about hiking with a friend is that there’s no technology to get in the way and you can talk. The second best thing is that you learn how to be comfortable in silence with each other. 

To be honest the trail was so easy, after hiking it the third time I had Lola describe the entire plot of Bridget Jones’s Baby. At one point I worked out aloud the ending to the screenplay we’re collaborating on. A lot was accomplished that day. (Haha.)

A little before sunset we got back in the car and headed home. A full perfect day and I could now add ‘hiking’ to my interests. I had learned a lot (like you may think you’re prepared but no) and I was ready to start planning the rest of my year. 

From this trip on I always had on the brain: Where could I go next?

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