My Stance on Aliens

I made it to Roswell. Which, while not a big alien fanatic or anything, I am a big Maxwell Evans fanatic. Oh, who you may be asking? Only the dreamiest alien in the 90s. I talking about the tv series Roswell. Never heard of it? You’re completely missing out. Check out the ‘Heat Wave’ episode, trust me.

Even though I had done the cursory research on what Roswell had to offer and even though it seemed mostly to be something old couples in RVs stopped for, I had an image of the TV show town. It definitely seemed much bigger and emptier than the studio lot the show was filmed on (obviously).

Coffee + muffin to start the day!

I would not be deterred. After a coffee pit stop at Stellar Coffee Co, we decided to walk the main strip, discover how aliens landed on Earth, and verify Max Evans was not real. It was a big day for me.

The greatest thing about Roswell is their full speed ahead ‘Aliens Rah Rah’! Literally aliens everywhere. Statues on the corner, in the title of businesses, and on every t-shirt.

Alien window graffiti on the coffee shop!

Seriously. So many great murals on every building.

Cool space murals everywhere!

And most importantly, we had to get inside the International UFO Museum and Research Center. While small, it was a lot of fun. Some great exhibits featuring the real life newspaper articles from the “Roswell UFO Incident of 1947”, artistic recreations of  what the aliens and flying saucers looked like, and ANIMATRONICS. 

I saw aliens!

No matter what age, Roswell is definitely worth the stop. 

So I know you’re wondering: Do I believe? Was I changed? Does the evidence speak for itself? Why not! Let’s believe in aliens so that I can keep my hope of one day meeting Maxwell Evans. 

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