Am I a Vagabond?

As an avid supporter of #vanlife, i.e. creeping all the adorable people living their cutest lives, I had vague notions of traveling the country and living out of my car. 

The first step would be to try it out for a weekend. We wanted to save money and “car camp”. Spoiler alert: I’m not dead – it all worked out. I definitely had a bit of anxiety while sleeping. I knew we would be mostly sleeping at night so my tint would take care of us, but sleeping in late was not an option because as soon as the sun was up, I was up.

This is Florence – the cuddly pup!
To prepare I had cut an old futon cushion into the shape of my back (seats folded down of course) and the result wasn’t half bad. Definitely soft enough for me, who likes rigid support when sleeping. Then we piled on blankets and pillows and we had ourselves a fort on wheels.

We also knew it was the perfect time for car camping because the weather was no more than 70 degrees. It didn’t hurt that we had a cuddly puppy too! 

My car’s name is Billy.

Let me also say that I really love my car. It’s the only car I’ve ever had (knock on wood) and since it’s been with me for more than a decade it just had its 200,000 mileage birthday.  Fingers crossed to that car lasting another decade!

After waking up well rested and ready for adventure, I was pretty much ready to stop paying rent and move permanently into my car. Except, well, then we went to have fun in the sand. And cars aren’t typically equipped with showers.

Here I am… covered in sand.

Instantly I knew there was no way to keep all that sand from getting in the car (and therefore, the bed). So after brushing off as much as possible and “outdoor showering” with some wet wipes, we knew it was time to really become roadside travelers. We were headed outside of town to the nearest truck stop. To pay for the showers.

Let me say this: they are cheap, clean, and have a lock. I know this may not sound glamorous to everyone, but in my book cheap travel gets me to more places. So it works for me! 

And I can add the title ‘Vagabond’ to my list of attributes. So there’s that.

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