Too Busy to be Sad it’s Almost Over

By day three in New York City, I was pretty much navigating without a map. Well, as long as the subway train started in the right direction (seriously I cannot tell you how many times we had to get off to cross to the other side of the tracks to head back the way we’d come). 

We crossed over into Manhattan and said goodbye to Brooklyn (forever?) so we could check into our new Airbnb, which was located in the trendy area of Chelsea. After a quick hello and dropping off our stuff, we headed to Central Park.

Always my favorite thing in Central Park.
Had to start at the Dakota of course, pay our respects to John Legend before wandering through Strawberry Fields. We walked a lot of it to take in the “outdoors” which are pretty great considering you can surround yourself with greenery in such a populated metropolitan. 

Speaking of, we then headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. First we had to grab lunch from food trucks (gyros, yum) and eat on the steps. XOXO, if you know what I’m saying.

You know you love me!

After spending hours at the Met – you could legitimately spend a whole day there – we had dinner with an old friend of mine and made it home to our broken bed. Let’s just say you pay for what you get, but also having to teeter on one specific side of the bed so it doesn’t fold you in half makes for such a funny story (in due time).

Our final day had snuck up on us, so we packed it with nonstop fun. A short walk to breakfast and then from there a skip to the Chelsea Markets. There were lots of great flea market stalls and coffee shops inside.

I could’ve spent all my money here in Chelsea.

As it was our last day, I wanted to start from one end to the other so we headed south to catch the touristy ferry (gotta see the Statue of Liberty!) and then made our way north by mostly footing it to catch new sights on the way. 

I had heard about how great the new High Line was in the middle of the city, so we decided to check that out. Besides a great picture, we just didn’t get it! It’s basically a long walking platform a story above ground that’s really crowded with people constantly stopping to take pics. People online are nuts for it, but maybe it’s a New Yorker thing? Guess we lost our Local card.

Look, how special, I am on a walking platform.

There would be no better way to end a New York trip than by catching a Broadway show. Lucky (very!) for me my friend had the hookup with (FREAKING) Hamilton tickets! I love musicals so I went in pretty blind since I like to experience it fresh. Which, let me just say, involved a lot of covering my ears and yelling at friends to stop singing the most popular musical of the decade.

No surprise, it was brilliant!! (And that’s all I’ll say for fellow spoiler-free theatre lovers.)

Being raised by two theatre nerds, I LOVE musicals!

Since we were in the area, we decided to walk Times Square one last time; really take in the bright advertisements and crazy costumes. We stopped for coffee (of course) and macrons and talked about Hamilton and every thing else great about our trip.

I’ve waxed poetic enough on how much I love this city – so for now I’ll just say, ‘till next time!

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