You Better Belize It!

(Yes, I will use all the corny Belize puns.)

Originally we had dreams of zip-lining or cave tubing but because of the storm that had moved in we didn’t want to have our plans ruined. After some quick research, we decided to wing it, rent a golf cart, and explore the island. And whoa, I’m glad we did!

We didn’t have a map but knew the island was pretty small, so first we just headed north. We passed a lot of shops, swerved out of the way of the locals, and saw a lot of tropical beauty that was just the backyard to them. There was the same amount of golf carts as cars and it turned out to be a great way to explore San Pedro.

Since it was off season, there wasn’t a whole lot open but just passing over the landscape was great. There was the beach to my right between every building and the river to my left along every bridge. We stopped at a cool bar eatery (closed) and checked out their setup, complete with riverside swings and danger signs for real alligators.

We headed south next, passing a lot of cool yoga retreats and big resorts. It took us probably a leisurely three hours to cover the island end to end. While making a pit stop for local handcrafted chocolate, I also grabbed some homegrown coffee (of course) and walked along the pier.

We hit a bunch of big tourist shops that were open and chatted with a few local shopkeepers. Near our hotel there was booths set up for local craftsmen and artisans and we spent some time talking to one man about his passion for making sinks. He sculpted local wood into beautiful works of art and was super friendly. I can’t say enough how great and amiable Belizeans are.

On a honest side note, we had seen a lot of people smoking and knew the smell wasn’t just tobacco. Apparently that same day marijuana had just been legalized in the country. Because of this, there were a lot of parties starting and the nightlife was getting a lot rowdier than the previous days.

This was kind of perfect for me because it was my last night. I had a lot of fun rum drinks at a packed Fido’s as a way to say goodbye to my beach vacation. Besides the amped up locals there was also a big graduate group of American tourists that had just arrived. The music was loud, the drinks were flowing, and it was one heck of a send off.

The next morning we headed via water taxi back to the main island. I had just enough time before my flight to rent a car and drive out to the ruins. I was glad for the mini road trip that allowed me to see even more of Belize’s lush greenery and exotic landscape. We also had coconut juice and sugar cane straight from the plants!

I have to admit I’m not super into ruins; part of me gets it, but the other part just sees a pile of old rocks. Still, these were pretty cool, even if walking to the top of them in the humidity wasn’t exactly a treat. They were arranged with a wide field in the middle of them and it was cool to imagine what it must’ve been like centuries ago as an inhabitant of the land.

After our climbs, we had a local Belizean meal at a nearby shack. The only thing I wanted was a plate full of plantains. And they were so freaking good. It was the perfect thing to have to end my trip. It was slightly sad to have to leave my friends when they still had one full day left, but I’m sure they had no fun without me (hah). Honestly though, I had a full trip where I saw the culture and a lot of nature, but also got to relax at the beach!

Can’t wait for my next international trip!

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