Bad Luck is Based on Perspective

After blowing a tire twenty minutes from home at the start of a day trip, I was prepared for anything that would happen next. We’d gotten three hours behind schedule because of the forced car change, but me, Jenna, and Gian were finally on our way.

We stopped for coffee in Wichita Falls, saw a sign for the “World’s Littlest Skyscraper” and even as we got more behind schedule, allowed a secondary pit stop to check it out. It was cute, but pretty much just a narrow two-story building. We continued on our way to our official first stop: the Route 66 National Museum.

It was a little hokey, mostly outdated, but overall enjoyable to check out the historic highway (we’d find ourselves on this road a lot, you’ll see). Our main goal on this trip was to finish our first state on the National Parks list – Oklahoma! No better way to celebrate trips than appreciate the most iconic highway in America.

Still behind schedule, we got to Washita Battlefield National Historic Site with no time to really explore. Which turned out okay by me, because it was really just an open field where Native Americans were caught unaware and attacked. So while the prairie lands are pretty, it’s still a bit of a sad memorial. No time for hiking, so on to the next stop.

It was back to Texas for us, headed to the Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument which was paired with the nearby Lake Meredith. Our winding road through this area was a beautiful (somewhat treacherous in the smaller car) ride. Texas sure has a lot of different landscapes and it was a nice day. We did a bit of hiking at Alibates, short trails with big sunflower beds.

Lake Meredith wasn’t exactly the most picturesque lake, but there were lots of families enjoying the water so it was relaxing. After watching lots of full picnic tables, we remembered because of how behind schedule we were, we hadn’t stopped for food in our mad dash across state lines to pick up all three National Parks stamps. We dried off our feet, and headed back into town for something to eat.

We stopped for local Tex-Mex, enjoying the evening on the patio eating salsa and getting our energy back. Gian, who was familiar with the area, mentioned that Cadillac Ranch was nearby and worth a stop. So, after a day of rocky mishaps and easygoing itineraries, we decided we might as well check it out before heading home.

Not being super into cars, I wasn’t prepared for what this Ranch was supposed to offer. Giant Cadillacs stuck in a row covered in spray paint wasn’t exactly what first came to mind. But it quickly became my favorite part of the day! Tate weather was turning bad so lots of people cleared out and left behind lots of spray cans up for grabs.

Not minding the light drizzle, we crawled all over the cars and sprayed what we could. Everything became unintelligible because of the layers and layers of color and mismatched patterns. It was unexpectedly delightful being seemingly out in the middle of nowhere with big machinery to crawl on and add art to.

It started storming so we headed home in the rain and in the dark. It was weird, thinking about how many things had gone wrong for the day. The busted tire, the racing time, the depressing battlefield, the rain – but it had been such a great day! I truly think “bad luck” is just a perspective.

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