Even a Wandering Heart has a Home

Every now and then – however rare – I truly do enjoy being a homebody. I definitely love to take time to recharge and escape everyone for a little while. Recently, quite a few trips have been canceled – postponed hopefully – so I’ve taken the time to reorganize my life and try and spend more time hibernating. Luckily, I truly love my space!

My house is a little odd in that it’s set up shotgun style. This means there are no hallways and every room leads to the next in a straight line. So when you open the front door, you’re in the living room, open that door, you’re in the bedroom, open that door, you’re in the kitchen, and you get it.

My living room is decorated in earth tones, with lots of greens and browns. There’s a lot of windows, which I love to open, and with all the plants (real and fake), it’s like being in an outdoor space. Besides being big enough to host several people, it’s also got my writing desk – so I can do my two favorite activities in this room!

I love pillows! I’m weird in that even though I don’t really use them except for lounging (which I don’t do too much), I love having every surface covered in pillows. Having fresh flowers and a book by my bed is also a must!

Where I lived before, I didn’t have a closet so I got used to organizing my clothes in a boudoir and this bench me and my dad made. My room colors are grey and yellow, which I think is pretty relaxing but still fun. You can also see the jewelry organizer I made forever ago that has been so helpful for all my earring studs.

I am a cat person. I have one cat, but people know how much I love her so I’ve gotten a lot of cat-themed gifts over the years. This lead me to turn my kitchen into a cat-chen. (Woo, puns!) You can also see my pantry where I try to organize all my whole foods.

My fridge collects not only important notices and friends’ wedding invites, but all my travel magnets!

My bathroom is pretty small, but I still have room for fresh flowers so I’m happy! Originally I had wanted the walls a pale pink color, but that was not what I got. After just going through and painting the whole room this more electric pink, I got a new grandma shower curtain to subdue the overall effect.

If you can’t tell by now, I really love storage and organization! I like everything in my home to have it’s place and I’m pretty particular about how things look. Since the bathroom is pretty small, I took off the closet door and created open shelf storage.

Finally, my media room! It gathers all my entertainment, mostly movies and liquor. The tv isn’t pictured because I just got anew one (won a 65in at the work Christmas party!), but I love lounging in here to watch movies when I have time. It also makes for a cozy movie night!

I’m pretty social so I don’t get to spend as much time at home as I sometimes would like. But when I am home, I love it! It’s been so fun living alone for almost two years, I was glad to decorate an entire house exactly to my tastes. But, I’m also excited to have a roommate again!

I’m kind of a “try everything once” type of girl, so I’m glad I can cross home decor off my list. It’ll be nice to have company again though, and I’m sure the social energy will keep me home even more! Hope you enjoyed this peek into my life!

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