Old Bones in a Familiar City

The city of Waco, known as the home of the couple of Fixer Upper, favorite spot of mine as the midpoint between home and Austin, also apparently has a National Park site. Twenty-four mammoth bone structures were found after a flash flood, an impressive amount, and only a couple years ago this was made into a National Park.

I was on my way to Austin when I decided a little morning stop here for a tour would be a good idea. The tours are all scheduled with no entry without a guide, which was a bit unusual in my experience. I browsed the gift shop while waiting for the tour to start, and was honestly impressed with all the Mammoth-themed items.

There was also a small little digging site supposed to teach you how fossils and bones are uncovered by the professionals but it was “under construction” so that crushed my archeological hopes and dreams. When the tour started, it was a beautiful walk through the woods to the ravine where they had originally excavated the first mammoth. Then we entered the big building which had been built to better preserve the largest complete skeleton they’d found.

It was very impressive! It was weird to think about a mammoth pack moving through Texan plains. But these weren’t wooly mammoths, they actually were a hairless species. Ah, looking at old bones always makes me believe I could still be Indian Jones (ha).

Till next time Waco!

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