Tulip Fields with Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day being yesterday, I wanted to share a trip I took recently out to Pilot Point, TX. My wonderful mom and I were already headed out near the area to see my brother’s fiancé’s wedding venue. A quick little detour west and we’d have a chance to check out the “Texas Tulips” that local Dallasites had been raving about.

It ended up being such a nice day! We’d been having a long winter, but the sun came out especially for us to explore all the different types of tulips. After a bit of navigating, we were parking in a big open field with a bunch of other people.

The first thing we had to learn walking in was how to pick a tulip. It’s a bulb flower, so there were a few signs with instruction that the key was to pull the stem as close to the ground as possible. This would let the full stem come up and would be easier than trying to snap it off.

While I do love flowers, I mostly wanted my mom to have this bouquet because I knew she’d think it was so special. My mom is always thinking of everyone else, so it was a nice treat to be thought of herself. I wanted her to have a nice colorful arrangement, so the first step was encouraging her to look at more than the red ones.

I had no idea there were so many colors of tulips! There were pinks and yellows and oranges and violets. They also had some with frilly edges, some that had very few petals, and some that grew completely open.

Walking the fields judging flower quality with my mom was honestly such a great time. I’d underestimated how different yet similar my mother’s and my taste was. I learned to let her pick the style and then offer up which one I thought was the best quality of that style.

Having gathered enough for a cute bouquet (and also realizing we might be a tiny bit late to the venue meeting) we headed to the arrangers who would cut and wrap our selection. Everyone was so friendly and excited for us, even though they must do this all day long.

Overall, such a great little adventure with mom! And of course, every time I talked to her for weeks, she mentioned her flowers, how they were doing, and how much she loved the whole experience.

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