DC, What a Drag (Brunch)

Besides monuments and museums, there was only one other highly recommended activity in Washington DC: Drag Brunch at Nellie’s Sports Bar. The local who had given us tourist tips had said it was a must if we had time – and it was one of the top activities on TripAdvisor.

The day of the wedding left only the ladies of the group available (guys were groomsmen) and it seemed like a perfect way to spend the morning. We needed a little pick me up from the busy day and night before – plus the brunch was a buffet. No better way to stave off a hangover.

I was excited to finally experience something that for years I’d been hearing was a blast. Not only that, but it was everyone in the group’s first drag brunch, and quite a few first-timer’s to experience a drag show. We were all pretty hyped, to say the least.

Let me add a quick side note to say that the food was so good! They had not only your typical continenetal breakfast spread, but also stuff like hummus and grilled veggies. Truly something for everyone! Also, as a non-foodie, honestly the best food I had while in DC. The drinks were fruity and delicious – what more could a girl going to a show ask for?

The show pretty much starts as soon as you arrive, because these talented performers were “on” from the get-go. They were sassy, quippy, and overall hilarious. Our host, the “Fantastic Plastic” never missed a beat, especially when she’d get noticed by the walking passerbys outside. Once everyone was settled with food, drinks, and tip money (of course) the music started up.

The show consisted of four performers who alternated, lip-syncing and dancing to the music. They performed mostly Top 40 hits, showcasing songs by Whitney Houston, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande. Every queen was fully commited to every turn, spin, and shimmy.

We had such a great time, even the videos we took don’t really do it justice. We wanted to keep the ball rolling, so after a group picture at an outdoor DC mural, we hit up the local rooftop bar, Takoda.

Of course, we still had to get ready for a wedding, so early afternoon we headed back to our Airbnb. Naps, then coffee, then a mad dash to the Lyft with one shoe on (me) had us all headed to the wedding. DC was treating us great!

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