How I Travel on an Admin’s Salary

Let’s get real. I do not work remotely. I do not make more than 50k a year. I pay all my own bills. Yet I’m able to travel an average of one or two trips a month. How do I do it? To be completely honest, the main thing is priorities. I had to choose to make traveling one of the top things on my list.

I don’t usually get to have the glamorous vacation some Instagrams will show off, nor do I get to go to the top destinations all over the world. Luckily for me, every where is on my bucket list. And luckily for me, nature is pretty cheap. Still, there’s a couple of choices I’m making constantly to save money for travel!

I used to have such a shopping addiction. I mean, I guess I still do – but I switched over to thrifting instead of paying full price. The same amount that used to buy me one new top now buys me two whole outfits. I love resale and consignment shops because not only is it better for the environment, it also lets me keep my shopping habit!

Poshmark & thredUP
Those same shops I buy at don’t always have the best deal when I want to sell to them, so I’m glad I’ve discovered a couple of apps that get me a better profit. Poshmark is good for selling items at a higher value- you list the price and get to work with your customers on haggling, so expect your income to take a little longer than other resale spots. thredUP is good for getting you a fair price while cleaning out a lot at once. I do this when I’ve been holding on to too much for a while, but I still know I can get money from it.

Sell books
I buy a lot of books, mostly at library sales, garage sales, and Half-Price Books. All of this saves me money, but I also can turn right back around and sell at HPBooks. I only sell what I would never lend to a friend, so this is good for when I go overboard buying second hand. I don’t want to hold on to any books that didn’t give me a good time (a good philosophy to live by for anything)!

Second Job (Postmates)
At the beginning of deciding to travel, I had a second job as a part-time barista at Starbucks. I always think about going back – thinking at the moment if I’m being honest – but there’s other small ways I can earn money. One of these is Postmates, a food delivery service. It was so easy to sign up, and I work a few hours a month for some extra traveling cash. No strangers get in my car, and I find a lot of great new food spots this way!

Eating In
Speaking of new food spots, I have to admit I try to only do this once or twice a week. My boyfriend and I hold each other accountable by only buying a meal out once a week. Any time I want to eat out (because I’m a terrible cook), he reminds me of our deal. I’ve discovered you don’t have to be fancy, most of the time when I eat in I just make a Caesar salad and I’m never upset!

Buy What You Need
The main way I save a lot of money is any time I’m about to buy something I ask myself, “Do I need this?” I find myself constantly cleaning out my home and having to donate and throw away so much stuff I didn’t actually need. As a modern society, it seems we all collect junk we loved for less than a month. Now when I’m eyeing some new throw blanket, I compare it to what that money could be getting me. That blanket or a tank of gas to my next adventure?

These are just some tips, and I’ll admit I’m not always perfect. (Just this week I bought an extra pair of sunglasses instead of just the one.) But I try! It’s all about priorities and if you ask me, experiences will outweigh any material object every time.

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