Pamper VS Play in Playa del Carmen

Yet again, checking into our next Airbnb in Mexico would turn out to be rough. Tracy and I had moved on to Playa del Carmen for our last night, wanting to be closer to Cancun where we would fly out in the morning. Even though it was a pain to find, once we did we realized we found our second paradise! Not only did it come with a “hot tub” and a freaking rope swing(!), we got beach access passes as well.

With less than two hours to head to the beach, we quickly changed and walked over to the Martina Beach Club. It was pretty dead for a Saturday, but because of this off-season lull, we got our passes upgraded to full access to the pool area. The ocean had a lot of seaweed washing up, so after ordering a fun drink we mosied on over to the pool to cool off.

To be honest, this private beach club access wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The pool music was so loud and no one was swimming (lots of kissing and picture taking instead) and the beach area was full of basically naked butts sunbathing. Still, I did have a fruity drink with some star fruit!

After a bit of drying off and a quick outfit change, we headed out to explore some of the night life of Playa del Carmen. We were pretty close to one of the main strips, which was several blocks full of trendy restaurants and souvenir shops. Since we were nearing the end of our weekend, we were rationing out our remaining Pesos, trying to strategically plan it so we didn’t have any remaining.

After a bit of souvenir shopping where Tracy scored a cute blanket and I got a new bag (more on that next time), we had enough to try some local brews. After finding a little bar with local drafts on tap, Tracy got a beer recommended by a friendly fellow and I opted for a La Paloma instead. We were both very pleased with our choices – and especially loved finding the cute trendy bar!

We were having such a chill last night, we even ended up hoping one spot over to grab dinner. They had massive margaritas and great food. It was nice to just sit out on the patio and watch the other tourists walk down the busy street. It was such an easy-going, relaxing time, we decided since we had spent basically all of our money (with just enough leftover to buy a coffee in the morning) we would just head back to our Airbnb and continue taking it easy.

We inspected the “hot tub,” which was really just a free standing bath tub that didn’t even really run hot (haha). Luckily, we’d spent the whole weekend being hot so having a lukewarm foot soak was still fine by us! Tracy had brought a couple of face masks and we had just enough tequila for one last drink. It was truly a perfect night of pampering!

I usually never do this kind of relaxation – a lot of my time is spent go, go, go – especially when I’m traveling. But I’d been treating this Mexico trip as a true vacation and it had been so different. There was little to no stress, I did whatever I wanted without a time crunch, and I was just able to enjoy my time catching up with Tracy. It was such a good time!

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