Merry Chris(TEA)mas at the Arboretum

Merry Christmas!

This year I spent a lot of my “gift” budget on experiences instead of things! It’s been pretty awesome; although I’ll admit I feel a little selfish getting the perks of doing something new when it’s supposed to be for the person I bought it for. All well!

My mom had been wanting to go to the Arboretum for a while, so when I found out they did a special Christmas tea, I knew it would be the perfect event for us! Our tea admission also got us admission to the grounds, which were doing their special 12 Days of Christmas installation.

I was worried it would be too cold, but mostly it was too wet. Of course, yet another rainy day where I’d planned something outdoors. We did a bit of a jog to get to the tearoom, located on the other side of the DeGolyer House. We weren’t completely soaked, but I was feeling a little blue that my plan wasn’t go perfectly. However, my mom is the true eternal optimist (if you were wondering where I got some of that from) and was “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” over everything.

They had prepared three ‘courses’ for us, complete with three different teas to try. The room was a little too blue winterland for me (I was hoping for bright greens and reds), but the dishware and treat trays were so cute. I felt like a kid having a tea party except I was an adult having an actual tea party!

They had the typical cucumber finger sandwiches and fruit scones that you’d expect, but also a Christmas sugar cookie and gingerbread house you could take to go! Being fed little snacks and endless delicious tea is a way I always want to live, and I know my mom feels exactly the same way.

With my mom’s impeccable luck, as tea time was coming to an end, the rain had completely cleared up. What had gone from hard-to-see downpour, was now slightly cloudy golden hour lighting. We took a walk around the gardens first, enjoying the fountains and winter greenery. Then we headed into the fancy house, where my mom wanted a room-by-room tour of how the DeGolyer family lived, including seeing beautiful furniture and an amazing large library.

In this house were also lots of Christmas decorations! A specially decorated and color-themed tree in each room, as well as an extensive collection of nativity scenes from all over the world. It was cool looking at all of them and seeing how the virgin birth was depicted by several different cultures. Well, and a life-size camel statue was located in one room.

From there, we excited to walk the 12 Days exhibit, where little snowglobe-like structures were set up every so often. We started at “A Partridge in a Pear Tree” and walked all the way to “Twelve Drummers Drummer,” liking the way they sparkled and rotated. Definitely worth the visit, especially as a local who’d never experienced it! We loved it.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday and remembers time spent with loved ones is the true gift!

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