Huck Finn Trail: Prairie Creek Park Review

After taking a little time off to be with family because of a minor emergency, I had some time late in the day to get some (much needed!) fresh air. That meant it was time for a hike – one that couldn’t be too far from my parent’s home. To add in a little socialization, I also invited my friend, Lola! (Who actually just started her own blog, check it out here: The Girl Who Sits)

Given that my parents live in Plano, I had a pretty small area to check out when factoring in I also didn’t want to be away too long. So I needed a small, easy hike – when I found one that also had a cute waterfall and it was Wednesday (#waterfallwednesday) I knew the choice had been made. The fact that it was minutes away from the coffee shop The Pearl Cup was an added bonus!

I met my friend there, and because of some Erosion Prevention Project blocking a lot of the corner area, I was a little confused when trying to locate the trailhead. I kept driving and easily spotted the waterfall – a small little thing within eye shot of the residential road, and found the parking for the park. Parked, we got out and walked across the field to a dirt road. I wasn’t even sure we were on the ‘Huck Finn Trail,’ but we were definitely in Prairie Creek Park. We headed to the waterfall, which was nice but very obviously man-made. (The struggles of finding nature in a city.)

The neighborhood we were in the middle of was very nice, so I was kind of surprised at some of the debris stuck in the bramble alongside the creek. It wasn’t terrible, but I think it was a case of being hard to get to, so it was definitely there. We weren’t sure we could cross the waterfall, either because of the rain level or that you simply weren’t supposed to without getting wet, so we headed back the way we’d come to head across the bridge.

Finally, after getting to the east side of the creek, we believed we had found the trail. It was mostly unpaved, and had a nice amount of trees so we could randomly see houses from the neighborhood but also got a little bit of a woodsy vibe. It would be a perfectly sweet trail if I lived in one of those homes (except they seemed pretty fancy -too fancy for me). I thought the thing was in a long thin loop, so we went right expecting it to take us around, but the trail ended up being just a line. So once we reached the street we went back the way we came and past it the opposite direction.

We followed this along, spotting the other side of the water fall, a really cool slanted brick wall, and then surprisingly, the trail head. It let out on to a main street, but no where did anything say anything about it being Huck Finn Trail or the mileage – nothing. I only know it’s called that from AllTrails, but the neighborhood probably just calls it Prairie Creek Nature Trail, so who really knows? Overall, it was a quick and easy hike. We finished it (times .5) in about forty-five minutes taking a leisurely pace.

It was finally time to head to coffee! It had been awhile since I’d been to Pearl Cup, seeing as I’m not in the Richardson area anymore. But everything was essentially the same except they seemed younger. My guess is that it’s the local college (UTD) coffee shop. I got a soy cappuccino and Lola and I had a nice post-hike relaxing chat. I’ve been much more mindful about spending my money on coffee, and now only get it if I’m with friend(s) and going to stick around. Yay, zero free waste! And yay, yummy coffee.

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