Frisco Found: a Small Look into Downtown Frisco, TX

Let me start by saying that all Frisco, Texas used to have was a thrifty girls dream: the Frisco Mercantile and IKEA.

I used to work in the northwest area of Plano, which originally introduced me to the growing suburb of Frisco. I found out I loved browsing the Mercantile, which had lots of different shops of upcycled antiques and stuff made from local artisans. And then IKEA, which is basically part Disneyland as it takes you through a a ride of beautifully decorated spaces, part cafe with the most amazing foods you never knew you craved, and part poor-man’s Crate & Barrel. I love IKEA.

Recently, I’ve been out to Frisco to check out some of the newer stuff they’ve introduced. For my dad’s Christmas present, I took him to the Frisco Star, which is the new training facility for the Dallas Cowboys. It was cool to see some of the areas where they spend their week, including the gym, the “reviewing the tapes” theater, and the practice field. My favorite part was the little section of uniforms throughout the years. Is football fashion a thing? Apparently!

It was cool to take a tour here, but probably only for true Cowboys fans – I could definitely see it being boring for some. It was a bit hard to hear our guide, but just wandering through the building and reading some of the exhibits was really cool – I honestly wish it was self-guided but realize for security that would never happen. Also, would’ve loved a gift shop because personally that’s my favorite way to end any tour. My dad and I had an overall positive experience, but I’ll admit watching the Cowboys together is one of our things!

Last weekend, my friend Lola invited me to check out a coffee shop that she’d liked in Austin that had found another home in Frisco (of all places). We met at Summer Moon, which was on Main Street in downtown, right next to the Farmer’s Market (that we unfortunately just missed). Summer Moon was delightful, and they’re known for their “moon milk” which when I asked what it was – they told me it had seven secret ingredients, but was vegan. I got the “half moon” which was half as sweet in an almond milk latte and it was so good! I will say by the end it was still a little too sweet, almost like decadent vanilla cream cupcakes, so next time I’ll get the quarter-moon!

After catching up over our coffee, Lola and I decided to wander the street, which had some cute murals and shopping. I went for the consignment store first, but realized it was for a bit of an older crowd. Then we walked to a cute little boutique called ‘Twisted Simplicity,’ which had a lot of great stuff! I’m trying not to buy any fast fashion for the whole of 2019 (or possibly, ever?) so I couldn’t buy anything though there was some cute sweaters. As a quick aside, I’m still trying to figure out if I’m going to allow local small-business purchases because I think that’s maybe acceptable? I want to support local shops, so maybe I’m just waiting for the right chance to jump!

We ended our day at Ruibal’s Rosemeade Market, which is technically Carrollton, so all I’ll say is we shopped for plants neither of us could kill. The jury on that is still out.

Overall, I can see a lot more growth in Frisco just since the last couple of years. I might have to do a bit more research and really look for what new gems might still be left to seek out. Frisco, I’ve got my eye on you!

One thought on “Frisco Found: a Small Look into Downtown Frisco, TX

  1. I will say I haven’t spent that much time in Frisco outside of IKEA (never actually eaten there though). I do think the Star is really cool to visit for diehard Cowboys fans but it looks like it really is growing up all around that area too so it probably warrants another visit at some point.


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