Live Like a Local: Dallas Top Ten on TripAdvisor

The idea for this came about from reading my emails, and spotting a “You’re in the Top 1% on TripAdvisor in your area!” (Subtle humble brag?) And I thought about how I have never reviewed anything in Dallas on their site. And as a Level Four reviewer, that was startling to me considering Dallas is my birthplace and current hometown.

So I checked out the top ’10 Things to Do in Dallas’ on TripAdvisor just to make sure I was doing my best for my hometown. Let’s see if we can check all these off!

  1. Dallas Arboretum
    I remember a couple of field trips out here but just recently went back at the end of last year to check out the “12 Days of Christmas” event. I’m hoping to make it out as soon as the weather clears – I’d love to explore some spring blooms.
  2. 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
    So, technically yes, I’ve been there. But that was on a field trip as a child and I remember next to nothing. This is the one place every out-of-towner talks about needed to go to – so I guess I should make it a priority! Although it is weird to me that our claim to fame is the JFK assassination.
  3. George W. Bush Presidential Library
    I went here with my parents within the first year of its opening. I would highly recommend the sections of W’s paintings and Laura’s dresses. Also this was long enough ago that I had bangs (and had to pull the pic from Instagram!)
  4. Perot Museum of Nature and Science
    I’m probably the only person in Dallas who isn’t really a fan of this place. I felt like I didn’t really learn anything new, but to be honest I was in the midst of a terrible date – so I might just need to give it a second chance (The museum, not the date!) The bottom floor with all the interactive stuff was the best if you can go when it’s not too busy.
  5. Reunion Tower
    I remember going as a kid and my dad put me on the railing against the chain-link fencing (slightly crazy, ah the good ol’ days). But I recently went with my friend and it was worth the view! Also now they have a 360 bird’s eye virtual reality thing that lets you see the city as if you were free-floating above it.
  6. Dallas Museum of Art
    Only a million times, so I’ll talk about my last visit where I saw the Yayoi Kusama pumpkins. This exhibit was very cool, but weirdly set up so the guy had to be in the room with us. I love this museum though – always have and always will!
  7. Dallas World Aquarium
    If you’ve been following this blog since at least last summer, you know I went there for my special on Shark Week! Ooh, I love sharks so you know I’ve been to the aquarium quite a bit during my time in Dallas.
  8. Klyde Warren Park
    I’ll admit not in a while, but I drive past it often. It’s something I always say I should go to more, but then never do. I’ve been trying to make it out to one of their free yoga classes – I’ll put it on my list for this summer!
  9. Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures
    This is another thing I did as a kid, but don’t find at all impressive? This made the list? It’s just sculptures.
  10. Dealey Plaza National Historic District
    Weirdly, this was the start of my “Have I been to all of Dallas sites?” journey a few years ago. At the time, I was still busy with corporate life, but two of my best friends wanted to check it out. I think originally we were gonna go in the museum, but we ended up just walking around the grassy knoll and checking out the garish X in the middle of the road where JFK was shot.

Okay, not too bad! I figured my list would be pretty complete, but it’s interesting looking at it from one of my typical research tools. Some of these I know I need to officially check out, some of these I’m already a frequent visitor, and some of these I have no idea how they made the list! Hmm, maybe I’ll make my own list soon.

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