What Makes it a Hike?: Campion Trail

As the weather gets nicer on the weekdays (always frustratingly during work) and I have less time to make a trek outside of Dallas, I’m confronted with the question, “What counts as hiking?” Originally, I only counted unpaved, named trails, where I did at least a mile. But some trails (even unpaved) aren’t even a mile. Sometimes they’re half a mile. Do the views make it count? Does just genuinely “convening” with nature make it count?

At the end of the day, taking a hike is just walking, right?

With the pressure of making the most of good weather while it lasts and falling behind on my 52 Hike Challenge, maybe I’ve gotten lenient on my definition of what constitutes a hike. Or maybe I’m counting this one specifically because it is one of the most highly rated trails in Dallas (per AllTrails). Or maybe I’m counting this one because I’m desperate for any and all adventure since my fun has recently been snatched in last minute weather changes and health debacles. (I’m fine but I did miss my first big trip of 2019. RIP beautiful exciting South Dakota road trip.)

Campion Trail is a 12 mile venture that’s half in Irving and half in Carrollton (which is where I work), so it’s just a smidge west of Dallas. I usually take thirty minute lunches so I can cut out early, but this day I took the full hour with a green juice in hand to explore this nearby hike. Hike? Yes, we’ve committed to calling it a hike.

Right away, I was greeted with a massive field of bluebonnets. Recently I’ve been bummed about not making it back to Big Bend National Park for their spring bluebonnets superbloom, but this surprise was really a close second. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting it, but more likely because it was just so pretty!

I got some shots from the trail, then got started on my walk. Er, you know, hike. I only passed a couple of bikers along the way seeing as it was the middle of a workday. The path was wide and paved and I’ll be honest felt like I was just at a nice big neighborhood park. I had the big fields of wildflowers to look at though.

The path quickly took me under a highway bridge, which as you can probably imagine was a bit loud. But once I was clear of that I was back hiking next to another big wildflower field. This time, some kind of pretty yellow flower. The weather was great and I was glad to be enjoying the outdoors after recently having a lot of indoor workouts.

Soon enough, it was time to head back (the trail is a line and not a loop) and if discarded my half-assed attempt at finishing my green juice. (Some are great and some are awful.) But if things were going great considering I was on a paved trail with limited time, on my way back the second big wildflower field was getting mowed. Yes, what the fuck! A big mower was plowing right through the big field of flowers! I realize I was in a well-kept park more than a nature trail, but I started laughing. Way to ruin my vibe!

I guess I’ll try and stick to wilds as much as possible on my future hikes.

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