Favorite Weekend in Dallas: cleaning, exploring vintage, hiking, volunteering, & friends

How would you describe your perfect weekend? Maybe it’s busy or maybe it’s lazy. Maybe you’re never home or maybe you never leave your home. Personally, I prefer a perfect balance of both.

Last weekend, I had a really great weekend. It wasn’t the best weekend I’ve had in Dallas, but it was pretty dang close to getting a 100 on checking off all my Favorite Things to Do list. It was productive, yet relaxing. It was solitary, yet sociable. I took care of me, I took care of friends, and I took care of “the greater good.” Small humblebrag, the truth about volunteering is a bit different.

It’s Spring, my friends! Which means it was time for some spring cleaning around the house. My goal with my roommate out of town was to deep clean the house and finish up projects that had been sitting around. This means that besides a general tidying, I threw out four dead plants (RIP), fixed my shoe organization with the help of my dad, soaked my tub with baking soda and now it sparkles, and gathered yet another bag for donations. I’m really getting to a point in my minimalism journey that I no longer have a bunch of useless stuff! I love cleaning and checking off to-do lists, so I couldn’t have been happier to spend my mornings and nights cleaning my home.

My days were spent out and about – just the way I like it! Saturday was the Fleastyle-hosted event at Dallas Market Hall. My good friend Miyan had invited me a while ago to go with her to check out all the vintage and local boutiques that would be gathered in one big space. Fleastyle is a cute shop in Deep Ellum that I visit every wine walk because it’s full of the cutest goods and most unique pieces. They curate a bunch of local vendors and fill their shop with bohemian and vintage (true and inspired) clothes and home decor. Their event at Market Hall was just a bigger version of this.

My goal has been to shop secondhand clothes for the entire year so I luckily stayed strong at this market. I want to support local small businesses though, so I allowed myself to purchase some accessories. I came away with a set of three delicate gold rings, vintage geometric earrings, and a cool pair of sunglasses. While Miyan and I exlpored, I also met a lot of lovely shop owners and saw so many great things. There were a couple of vintage booths that made me pretty inspired to keep thrifting. I kind of got the idea that maybe in the future I could curate my own vintage collection to sale. (What a dream!)

Saturday afternoon was spent on another productive activity – errands! Call me basic, but I love errands. My boyfriend joined me in a run to sell (and buy) some books at Half Price Books, buy some essentials at Target, and even enjoy a bit of sunshine walking his cutie-pie dog, Bailey! Then I had a bit of down town watching him play games and taking care of some personal emails. We may or may not have (we did) get a sweet treat since the temperature here in Dallas is fast approaching summer levels.

Sunday I woke up early so my friend Giselle could pick me up to check out a local hike I’d been wanting to tackle for a while. There isn’t much actual nature trails in the city of Dallas, but the Texas Buckeye Trail is one of them. We headed out to East Dallas, parked, and saw a big stretch of unpaved road. Assuming this was it, we started walking and got carried away in catching up. After following the trail around the lake, it abruptly stopped at a road with no direction on if this was still the trail. Puzzled, I pulled out my map and realized with the help of GPS we weren’t on the right trail at all!

The two of us had been so busy talking we’d never even actually started the Buckeye Trail! We’d inadvertently taken some kind of road for service vehicles around the park. We hiked up a hill and made our way back to the right spot (and the car). We’d gotten in a pretty good hike by this point, and the weather was muggy and threatening rain at any minute, so we decided to forego the “real” hike. I’ll get to it one day!

After getting home and finishing up most of my spring cleaning, it was time to head to Fair Park for EarthX, an Earth Day (weekend) Expo that was also hosting a film festival all week long. I had signed up to volunteer for one of the screenings. The crazy thing about volunteering is that you spend almost half your time waiting to be told what to do (at least in my experiences). So after an hour of waiting, finally receiving a fifteen minute job of click-counting the viewers as they entered the theater, I watched a documentary on climate change for the next two hours. It was pretty good, but honestly could’ve been better.

After the movie, I collected some ballots and by then it was time for my shift to end. Insane! Anyone who says they don’t have time for volunteering doesn’t realize it’s just literal time, usually the work isn’t too hard. I walked around the Expo for a bit, trying to find any good booths, but a lot of it was green energy companies and food stands. I was weirdly hoping for some sustainable fashion or zero waste booths, since that’s what I’m most into at the moment, but no such luck in my quick loop around the Fair. Dallas, I know we still have a long way to go! I love that we’re all still learning and doing our best.

After a busy and productive weekend, it was time for some media consumption. I met up with my boyfriend and my brother to watch Avengers: Endgame. It was opening weekend and crazy packed, but a pretty enjoyable time. The real winner was the latest Game of Thrones episode after though! Gotta love a little mindless indulgence after a busy, yet satisfying weekend! Great weekend, 10/10 would do it all again.

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