Quebec City: a Taste of French Delights

As if a visit to one Canadian city in a month wasn’t enough, I had two more a couple weeks later. For someone who started the year never having been in Canada, I have now hit up three major cities. This time I was flying in and out of Montreal, with a small roadtrip to Quebec City first. My friend Jenna and I were pretty excited, although we did have a full day of travel to get through on that first day. We had early flights to New York, a bit of a layover, and then a three hour drive once we landed. But finally – we had arrived!

It was nighttime when we arrived, so we drove a bit around the main square and were surprised how many people were out and about. We debated venturing into the crowd to find a cute night cafe, but after a full day of travel, we decided to hit up something on our “must-try” list. Which oddly enough, was poutine at a fast food restaurant. Chez Ashton was apparently somewhat infamous for being the “Canadian McDonalds” so we decided why not. I can’t call myself a foodie, but it was pretty awful. (Coming from the girl who just had poutine for the first time ever from a fancy Seattle restaurant the week before).

Then we checked into our Airbnb and passed out. The next morning we started early so we could checkout all the best of Quebec City. We headed over to Old Quebec and grabbed coffee and pastries from the delightfully French La Maison Smith. Then we walked around the square, enjoying the murals and the old architecture.

From there we headed to the Montmorency Falls. I’ll be honest, the pictures don’t really do them justice. I almost was thinking I’d rather not check them out because they looked kind of underwhelming. Still, I was craving a bit of nature so I was glad for at least the little bit of hike to the falls. And then I saw the falls with the massive suspension bridge. Suddenly, I realized – I had never really seen a real waterfall. I’d seen some that were basically just trickling creeks around the lakes of Texas.

After the little nature stop, we headed back into the city and headed downtown to a cat cafe! I was beyond excited to finally have a latte at a real cat cafe! There were so many cats lounging in window sills, walking along counters, and playing with toys. It was so peaceful just sipping and watching the shop owner feed treats to all the lazy felines. They were so cute! And well, then Jenna got up to pet a cat and I realized her chair had been peed on and now her pants were ruined. Ai yi yi! An outfit change, and we bid the cats au revoir!

In the same area as the cafe, there were lots of shops and a cute cobblestone neighborhood that we decided to meander down.

We stopped in some stores, a lot of which were antique. I love looking at old cameras and vintage typewriters. We passed by this cute restaurant where everyone was eating out on bistro style tables on the sidewalk – so we decided it was time for lunch.

I got a pretty typical breakfast but with a crepe! I’d never had a crepe served basically as a side, kind of like toast here in America. I was delighted! Sitting outside, crammed in next to the tables on either side of us, trying to figure out how to eat a plain crepe – it all felt very Parisian! It was the perfect little half day getaway to the small Canadian French town!

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